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Things 3.5

Things 3.5

19.4 MB – Download Things version 3.5 free for macOS

The award-winning task manager has returned, completely renovated: a new design made to last, magnificent new interactions and new useful and powerful functions.


If you still do not know Things, this is how it works:

1. Collect your ideas
Plasma your ideas quickly: tell them to Siri or use the keyboard shortcut at any time to use the Quick Entry feature.

2. Get organized
Create a project for each of your objectives. Group the projects according to your areas of responsibility, such as “Family”, “Work” or “Health”. Check them regularly so you do not miss anything.

3. Plan your time
Manage your time efficiently: view your calendar events along with your tasks and plan the week better. Create recurring tasks to maintain consistency

4. Make the most of the day
Every morning, choose some tasks for your “Today” list and get going. Tasks planned in advance will appear here automatically. As you do your day’s work, this is the only list you will have to consult.

5. Customize the way you work
Use labels to assign personalized categories to your tasks: mark everything that is “Important”, what is considered a “Recado”, what you have to do in the “Office” or while working with “Nuria”. Easily filter lists by label or search for labels on all lists.


1. It does not bother you.
You’ll see right away how well all Things functions fit together to give you an accurate and trouble-free experience. There are no unnecessary embellishments, no inspector windows, no emergent dialogues. Only you and your tasks.

2. Everything revolves around your tasks.
Tasks are something special in Things. When they are in a list, they show a check box and a title in the most compact way possible. But if you expand them, they become a colorful sheet of white paper that collects your ideas and, if you want, they can also contain checklists, labels, a reminder and the expiration date.

3. Keep a few spectacular tricks up your sleeve.
For example, the automatic, perfect search to move through lists and tasks. Or the natural language analyzer: write “tomorrow”, “in 4 days”, or “next Wednesday” and it will be interpreted in the appropriate way.

4. It is one of the best made macOS apps.
Things is fully integrated with all the macOS technologies: The Touch Bar, the Today widget, the Share menu extension, Handoff, Calendars, Reminders and AppleScript. And possibly a few more that we have not named.

Compatibility: Mac OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor

Link download to file:



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