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NoteList 4.0

App Name: NoteList | Size: 7.7 MB | Version: 4.0 | System: Mac OS X 10.10 or later 64-bit.

NoteList is an app that stores data and can use free-form text and full word processing capabilities.
The program is based on documents, and can be managed without limiting the number of files. Any folder can store an unlimited number of notes. Each note can support a complete TxT or RTF format, and can also include pictures.


  • Document based, allows to organize your data in more then one file
  • Any document can contain an unlimited number of notes
  • Saves document always with auto recovery on
  • Allows to have note in any format: TEXT, RTF, RTFD (RTF + images)
  • Copy and Paste from Safari preserves formatting and links
  • Full set of tools for formatting and working with text as in a word processor
  • Drag and Drop of images directly inside a document note to embed it.
  • Dragging and dropping a TXT, RTF, RTFD file creates a new note inside the document
  • Color label categories to help organize all your notes
  • Fast internal search as you type and by category
  • Sort in list by Creation Date and Modification Date
  • Lion ready with Resume, Auto Save, Versions, Full screen, Sandbox
  • Spotlight native since the first release
  • Native Help system
  • Embedded PDF user guide


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