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EtreCheck 4.2.1 MacOS Cracked

[9.66 MB] EtreCheck 4.2.1 for MAC is a scanning hardware information software on the Mac platform. EtreCheck for Mac scans the contents of various hardware models, hard disk partitions, and USB interface information. And it will be clearly marked with red and green so that you can be more clear about these important information.

EtreCheck for mac is an application that shows important details of your system configuration, allowing you to copy this information to the clipboard. It is used in the Apple Support Community to help people help you with your Mac. EtreCheck for mac automatically deletes the output of any personally identifiable information.

EtreCheck will automatically alert you to serious problems like adware, insufficient RAM, or a failing hard drive.

EtreCheck 4.2.1 will help you:

  • Find serious problems on your Mac,
  • Remove annoying adware,
  • Get help on Apple Support Communities,
  • See just what your Mac is doing on the inside.


  • EtreCheck does not install files in hidden directories,
  • EtreCheck reports protect your personal information when posted online,
  • EtreCheck makes no changes without your consent.


  • EtreCheck will not slow down your machine,
  • EtreCheck will not cause other apps to crash,
  • EtreCheck uses little memory while running and no memory when not running.

Compatibility: OS X 10.9 or later 64-bit

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