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BookMacster 2.7 MacOSX + Crack

[15.93 MB] BookMacster 2.7 is Mac software that helps users to manage their own bookmarks on Mac OS. BookMacster for mac is fully compatible with Safari in iCloud and can help users manage cloud synchronization of browser bookmarks/favorites. Supports Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, and more.

BookMacster 2.7 Features

  1. Manage browser bookmarks. Add alphabetical ordering and marking. Verification, correction of fools, consolidation.
  2. cross-browser synchronization. Sync Safari Firefox, Chrome Bookmarks, and more in all your devices.
  3. central storage. Keep your bookmarks in one central store and access them in a web browser.
  4. Compatible iCloud’s synced Safari, Google Chrome’s login and Firefox sync. Bookmarks added to the Safari browser from BookMacster on the Mac will be synced via iCloud’s Safari browser on iOS devices.
  5. Import/export using Safari, Firefox, Chrome, iCab, Opera 11-12 Roccat, Plugin, Delicious, Diigo, Google Bookmarks, and OmniWeb.
  6. easy organization and labeling, hierarchy, or both.
  7. verify bookmarks, repair redirection and repeat.
  8. The sorting (in alphabetical order) automatically changes the bookmarks. You can control which folders you want to sort or not, how to sort them.
  9. support multiple user profiles in Firefox and Google Chrome browser.
  10. Write a script to collect new bookmarks for applications found within NetNewsWire or similar.

File: MirrorAce / SolidfilesaDrive


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