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BlogStomp 3.62

32.21 MB  – BlogStomp 3.62 consolidates and simplifies the complicated process of preparing images for web use, allowing you to “go out and play” faster. With lightning speed, BlogStomp modifies the size and optimizes images for web use. While its flexible design options allow you to apply a frame customization feature, updated features such as adjustable sharpening and watermarking make it easy to create and save your preferences for the preparation of faster blog- or on the web ever .
The powerful batch-integrated processor allows you to process and export a lot of images in just a few seconds.

BlogStomp is a cross-platform software application and does not depend on Photoshop or any other specific software.

Social media integration further improves workflow efficiency by allowing you to post images to Twitter, create and place our Facebook albums with trampled images, and even create, edit and upload full blog entries directly from BlogStomp.

BlogStomp is not an image improvement tool – the likes of Photoshop already do it quite well. BlogStomp is a workflow tool. Pure and simple.

OS X 10.9+

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