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uBar is a software for the Mac operating system. Software introduction This is a Windows style window switching tool for Mac platform. bar can be very convenient for users from OS X system to windows system style task window tool. If you can’t switch from Windows to Mac to the task window, try UBAR to help us transition from the Windows world to the Mac.

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App Name: uBar | Size: 10.42 MB | Version: 4.0.6 | System: Mac OS X 10.9 or later 64-bit | Format file: DMG.

uBar is a complete replacement for the standard Dock in OS X. The appearance, job applications and its capabilities much closer to those from Windows. When you first start the program you want to allow it access to the settings menu “Privacy” in the security settings and security. After that you need to restart the application. Now look at the bottom of the workspace, where the Dock by default. However, it will be seen, another panel, strongly resemble those of some of Windows 7.

Now, those who have recently moved to the “Wind” will be much more comfortable, because all the elements are in the usual place. In the lower right corner displays the date and time. When you hover the mouse cursor in the pop-up window will show the calendar and when you click on the area – open the corresponding application. In the lower left corner – the analogue of “Start” button that opens a menu of the program are divided into categories, standard folders, system settings and the ability to shutdown, reboot and exit from your account. Between them – open the active window, a hair’s breadth as an operating system from Microsoft.


  • Favourites area (including Show Desktop and Trash)
  • Expands up to 5 rows (by dragging the edge)
  • Application Badges are readable unlike the Dock’s
  • Customizable uBar menu
  • Activity Mode: hold Ctrl key to show Application CPU and Memory usage
  • Group Windows by Application (Always, Never, Automatic)
  • Light or Dark theme

What’s New in version 4.0.6:

  • [New] Option to exclude apps with zero windows is added to the Apps preference pane
  • [Fixed] Auto-resize now works on multi-monitor setups with rotated screens
  • [Fixed] Tooltips display for active favorites
  • [Fixed] Folder favorites now show sub-items in Finder
  • [Fixed] Steam now displays icon and toggles with zero windows
  • [Fixed] Zip files no longer listed as folders
  • [Fixed] Opening or emptying the trash now occurs in the background
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